• Cooking the Ocean Family_


    Do you eat fish? Do you cook fish? Discover the rituals created by others by visiting our gallery and create and share your own by using the form below. #cookingtheoceanfamily


  • More about us

    This call to action is within the Carefish/catch project, which aims to develop better fishing practices. In this program, DeMoS, with invited artist Hélène Gugenheim, is working on the economic feasibility of new fishing techniques proposed by scientists to reduce fish suffering. Since economic value depends on the history in which the commercial exchange takes place, we believe that it is intimately linked to the quality of our emotional commitment to the exchange. With this in mind, artist Hélène Gugenheim has created the workshops Cooking the Ocean Family.


    Our work consists in materialising the inter-species community that we are; to track what makes family between fishes and humans. It will be necessary to feel the links which unite us: to feel that we are deeply woven the ones and the others.


    One way to embody these connections is to create what we call rituals.

    It is a matter of expressing in everyday life, at the moment when we are fed by the other, that we are conscious of this living being thanks to which we live, and that by the same gesture with which we take something from the family-ocean, we are committing to giving something back to it.