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    Nina Otter

    Nina is an Inria researcher based at the Laboratoire de Mathématiques d'Orsay. In her research she studies how ideas and methods that have proven successful in the development of mathematics in the last century can be used to tackle challenges in the study of complex data. She is engaged in opening conversations around exploring new ways of making and understanding science, and hopes to be able to contribute to a system in which scientists and thinkers can not only exist, but thrive, no matter what their mother tongue, provenience, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or physical abilities.


    Nina is initiator and founder of DeMoS, and leads the organisation.

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    Hélène Gugenheim

    Hélène is a visual artist and performer. Through her performances, she develops inter-relational and inter-species devices to create perspectives for a livable world.

    She trained as an artist at the École du Louvre. Her work has been exhibited, among others, in Paris by the Ricard Foundation, the Jean-Collet Gallery, the Beauty(s) Chair at the University of Paris Sciences & Lettres, and in New York by the Cathedral St John The Divine. Some of her drawings are part of the private collections of the Domaine de la Richardière and of the gallerist Thaddaeus Ropac. She lives and works in France, between Paris and Normandy.


    Hélène is an associate artist for the experimental part of DeMoS’s research on economic feasibility for the Carefish/Catch project.


    photo: Christian Mamoun

    Black and white headshot of Nima Motamed holding an umbrella and looking off camera to the right.

    Nima Motamed


    Nima is a PhD student in logic at Utrecht University. In his doctoral research, he develops logics for multiagent systems, allowing one to study and reason about the way agents revise their beliefs and intentions. More broadly, he is interested in applying methods from logic, mathematics and computer science to improve our general understanding of agents, be they isolated individuals or connected collectives.


    Nima is collaborating with DeMoS in developing the ACLiC network to create spaces for research and collaborations in which Farsi-speaking researchers are not constrained to work, speak or think in English.

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    Our legal structure


    DeMos is registered as an association loi 1901. Its board of directors is composed of:

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