Algebra, Categories and Logic in Computing_


    (a Farsi-English workshop)


    20-21 June 2023, St Erme, France


    (for Farsi click here)

    (رای زبان فارسی باینجا کلیک کنید)


    Algebra, category theory and logic have traditionally played an important role in our understanding of computing. Recently, there has been a surge in new ways of understanding how these disciplines can help in tackling challenges in the theory and applications of computing. Examples include combining machine learning and proof-theoretic approaches to natural language; reasoning about multi-agent systems; developing programming languages and compositional models; and specifying and analysing systems and protocols.


    The aim of this workshop is to bring together both leading and upcoming researchers who use such approaches, with the goal of promoting collaborations across the different disciplines.


    This workshop is the first event in a program aimed at offering Farsi-speaking mathematicians — as well as any mathematician interested in building cross-cultural connections — opportunities to build a network and receive mentoring from leading Farsi-speaking mathematicians. The workshop will be held in a bilingual Farsi-English setting, and participants do not need to be fluent in both languages to attend.


    Confirmed mentors for the event include Farhad Arbab (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam), Mehdi Dastani (Utrecht University) and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh (University College London).



    Application deadline: ُ‌25 April 2023


    Application form (in English): https://forms.gle/9j8LKLoZdAmzvmXg9



    Preliminary schedule


    19.06.2023: arrival & welcome dinner


    DAY 1, 20.06.2023

    9.30-10.30 mentor 1 talk

    10.30-11.30 contributed talks

    11.30-12 coffee break

    12-13 contributed talks

    13-14.30 lunch break

    14.30-15.30 mentor 2 talk

    15.30-16.30 contributed talks

    16.30-17 coffee break

    17-18 contributed talks

    18.19.30 dinner break

    20-21 professional development session


    DAY 2, 21.06.2023

    9.30-10.30 mentor 3 talk

    10.30-11.30 contributed talks

    11.30-12 coffee break

    12-13 contributed talks

    13-14.30 lunch break

    14.30-18 social activities or hikes, etc

    18 - 19.30 dinner break

    20-21 next steps discussion session


    22.06.2023: breakfast & departure