• Yvonne's salmonette (dogfish)


    Ingredients for 20 people


    3 kg dogfish (4 dogfish)
    4 white roses
    4 cloths
    4 candles
    Bouillon: 3 liters water, 30 cl vinegar (white or white wine vinegar), 1 or 2 minced onions, 1 or 2 minced carrots, thyme, bay leaf, salt
    Garden vegetables: hash browns (1kg), peas (500gr), baby carrots (1kg)





    Place each dogfish with a white rose on a cloth. Close the cloths into a shroud by sewing a thread into its border. Light one candle per shroud.
    Open the shrouds without separating the cloths from the threads, place the roses in a vase and peel the dogfish directly on the linen.
    Prepare the bouillon: boil for 20-30 min, then leave to cool.
    Plunge the salmonette into the cold stock, leave to simmer (approx. 10 minutes), then remove from the heat while it is still holding together (the flesh should detach easily with a fork).
    Remove the central cartilage and cut into pieces.
    Place in an ovenproof dish with butter, garlic and parsley, and place in the oven for a short time until the dogfish has a brown crust (about 5 minutes, between 180 and 210° C).
    Serve with garden vegetables.

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