• Régis's cod brandade


    Ingredients for 6 people


    800 g cod (salted cod)

    reflective surface



    800 g potatoes

    1 head of garlic

    2 onions

    1/2 liter milk

    25 cl liquid cream

    1 small bunch parsley






    48h beforehand: desalt the cod.

    Display cod on reflective surface with coins and candles.

    Make the "crying" gesture (fist on chest).

    Remove cod skin and bones Cook potatoes with skin on.

    Poach cod in milk and cream, then remove remaining bones.

    Sweat garlic and onion in oil.

    Add cod flakes.

    Peel potatoes and mashed potato with a potato masher.

    Add milk and cream.

    Add pepper, chopped parsley and mix. Pour into a buttered dish and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.

    Place in a hot oven at 180° C.

    Serve with salad.


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